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Three-piece cases made it easier to replace cracked and scuffed crystals. This system is still used today. The screw-down caseback and crown were still the key features, but a third element was a bezel that was pressed onto the crystal in order to seal the case. The middle of the watch case had a small lip that would accept either a tropic crystal (no bubble date) or a cyclops crystal (with bubble date). The bezel ring is then pressed around the crystal's circumference to seal the watch. The movement and caseback remained in place, making it easier to change the crystal. The 79XX model number was used to reflect this upgrade. Models such as the 7904 and 7909 are examples.

The dials of these blancpain replica watchess are one of the most fascinating aspects for collectors. The sheer number of dials variations was staggering. There were many different model references. It is still fascinating to see how much detail was achieved in the early 1970s. Collectors are particularly fond of the dials with textured surfaces,blancpain replica watches also known as "waffle dials". Thesewaffle dials, whether in black or lightly patinated ivory will elevate a watch. How about a dial in deep black relief-printed text, like oil on a pool of water? Whatever you fancy, there'sa vintageblancpain replica watchesOysterforyou.

blancpain replica watches Steel & Gold Oyster blancpain replica watches Oyster, shock-resistant, case no. 136589, Ref. 7904 (Image: Antiquorum)

This watch has the most amazing "tropical" gold dial.Replica Rolex Milgauss Collectors refer to the tropical effect as a dial which has turned brown from its original black. This example has a tone that is similar to caramel and looks amazing on the rivet-construction Oyster bracelet.

This FEF390-powered Oyster automatic is similar to the ones used by blancpain replica watches on their Greenland Expedition in 1952-54. The dial is a beautiful ivory color that has aged beautifully over the years. It features sunken numbers at 12, 3, 6 & 9

The lack of an oscillating rotor in the movement allows for a slim and low-profile case. It is amazing how well the printing looks on a dial of this complexity, especially considering their age. The dial has aged uniformly into a panna-cotta shade.